How do I filter through the different recommendations released in my service(s)?

If you are a current member of one or more of our services, here at The Motley Fool --

Our Stock Screener tool can be used to filter all recommendations from any services you are currently subscribed to - a perfect way to find specific recommendations based on more personalized requirements.

This tool can be used to filter all recommendations from any Motley Fool strategies you are currently subscribed to - but please note that not all stocks displayed will be active recommendations.

Filters included in the Stock Screener are:

  • Recommending Services
  • Asset Class (Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap, International)
  • Price
  • Sector (Services, Consumer, Financial, Energy, Health, Industrial Goods, Technology, Basic Materials, Communications, Utilities, Real Estate)

These filters can be found on the left-hand side of your screen.

You may also search by ticker symbol to see if a specific stock has been recommended in your current service(s). The search bar can be found in the upper left-hand column of the tool, right above the word, "Services."

Right above the search bar, you will also see the option to show only stocks that you have listed in your Watchlist, which will allow you to sort through your Watchlist by the criteria listed above:


By clicking on any column header, you will be able to sort the column by ascending > descending or descending > ascending. 

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