Getting Started: Rule Breakers: Augmented Reality and Beyond

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Welcome to Augmented Reality and Beyond!

Please ensure that you are logged into your account on prior to clicking any of these links.

The My Portfolio & Services tab in the upper left-hand side of the screen provides a menu of all of your subscriptions. From there you can select the subscription you want to view under the My Services section of that menu.

At the top of the home page for your service, you will find the name, lifetime returns compared to the S&P, and the service’s main goal (if applicable) in the upper section of the page.

In the upper-right-hand corner of the page, you will find the description of the service and links to helpful tools such as the Community boards.

The “Latest Recs” for the service can be found on the left-hand side of the page. Here you will find both the latest recommendations and a link to all recommendations within your service if applicable. 

For quick reference, The Motley Fool’s Investing Philosophy is outlined beneath the “Latest Recs” of your service.

On the left-hand side of the page you will find the following:

Stocks & Performance:

  • All Recommendations - This shows the allocation (available in a sector or market cap view), as well as all of the recommendations made in the service and additional information.
  • Rankings - This shows the rankings of the stock recommendations in the service.
  • Latest Recs - This shows the most recent stock recommendations in the service. 
  • Closed Positions - Here you will find the sell recommendations, including the date the sell recommendation was issued, cost basis, and total returns (if applicable). 

In the middle of the page beneath the Stocks & Performance section, you will find the “Annualized Returns” for the service. Here you will find:

  • Since Inception - Total returns since the portfolio was created.
  • Annualized, Rolling 5 Year - The annual returns from the past 5 years of the portfolio.
  • YTD - The year-to-date returns for the portfolio.

In the middle of the page beneath the “Annualized Returns” section, you will find the following: 

  • Community Research & Comments - This section will allow you to view community research for the service as well as any community comments. 
  • Recs & Analysis - Here you will find the most recent news for your service.
  • Recs - The official recommendation article for each recommendation.
  • Stock News - Additional updates and information regarding the stocks recommended in the service.

The “About” section will provide a description of your service as well as additional resources.

The “Getting Started” section will provide you with additional information to help you get started with the service.

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