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Home - The location of Rule Breakers' latest updates, including the 'Stocks to Buy Today' list (updated the first 4 Thursdays of each month), as well as the schedule for future recommendations.

Favorites - If you are interested in a company, you can add it to your Favorites to receive email notifications when the team has updated guidance or coverage.

News & Updates- Here, you will find all articles written in the Rule Breakers service including: buy recommendations, sell recommendations, 10% Promise articles, and more.


  • Performance - Here you will find all active Rule Breakers recommendations (new picks on 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month), as well as the data surrounding the performance of each stock to date. (You may view a list of all closed positions and their recommendations with the links at the bottom of this page).
  • Community - Our discussion boards provide Rule Breakers members a place to share insight, and post questions for other investors and the analysts behind the service.
  • Reports - A collection of Bonus Reports affiliated with our Rule Breakers marketing, and a solid place to check if you view an advertisement for a stock recommended within the service. Here, you will find reports such as: 5G Investor's Playbook, iPhone Supercycle, and more.
  • About RB - This section is an excellent place to start if you are new to Rule Breakers, or to investing as a whole. Featured are links to essential topics such as: How to Find a Broker, How to Buy a Stock, and other Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Starter Stocks - Updated once yearly. Our list of Starter Stocks is our annual attempt to answer a simple question: "Where do I go first?" If you're a new member, pick three Starter Stocks that interest you, and use them to help build out a portfolio of at least 15 stocks. And if you've been with us a while, we think these stocks have what it takes to strengthen any portfolio.