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The information below pertains to those with a subscription to Stock Advisor and / or Rule Breakers.

If you are not a member Stock Advisor, you can sign up for Stock Advisor here.

If you are not a member of Rule Breakers, you can sign up for Rule Breakers here.

In the past, we published a 10% Promise article in Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers if one of the stocks we've recommended rose or fell 10% in a single market day. These articles were posted on the business day after the rise or fall.

Due to the recent frequent volatility in the market, we have mostly paused our 10% Promise articles until the market becomes more stable. This situation is temporary and we hope to return to our normal format in the near future.

With that being said, in the event a company rises or falls for a reason separate from the overall market's actions, a 10% Promise article will still be written and published on the Stock Advisor/ Rule Breakers websites.

These articles are not a recommendation of any kind, rather a recap of: what happened, what it means, and what we believe will come in the future.

Remember- we're long-term thinkers here and it takes a lot more than a change in price to change our opinion of a stock. If we ever think you should sell a stock, we'll tell you ASAP.

Should you ever feel that you missed a sell recommendation for Stock Advisor or Rule Breakers, please visit the link provided here for Stock Advisor and here for Rule Breakers.

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