Using the Allocator Tool

One of our newest features is the Allocator tool!

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of this new Allocator tool.

Step 1 of 5: Getting Started With Allocator 

  • When you first enter the Allocator tool, you will find a general overview information, alongside an introductory video from Motley Fool Chief Investment Officer Andy Cross and Financial Planning Specialist Amanda Kish
  • At the bottom of this screen will be an orange button that reads "Proceed to Style Selection" 


Step 2 of 5: Find Your Investing Style

  • In this step, you can choose the investing style that most closely aligns with your goals and where you might be in your investing journey!
  • By using the "Sort the Styles" section on the right-hand side of your screen, you may toggle your "Risk vs Reward" and "Intended time horizon."
  • By selecting different fields, you will see the Styles change below. (Under "Available Style Teams Sorted by Best Match:)
    • The Style that fits your selections best will be first on this list, followed by the next best fit, and so on and so forth.
  • Once you find the Style that fits your portfolio best, you can set it as your Style with the button at the top of the page (shown below):


  • You will receive updates relevant to your style team. Don't worry, you can change your Style or view other Style Teams at any time!
  • You can view other Style Teams by going to the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner. It will say "View other Style Teams", from there you can quickly click into different teams. 

Step 3 of 5: Your Style Team 

  • Once you have chosen your Style Team, you will be prompted to see your Allocation! From here, you can see your Style Team's Model Portfolio Allocation. This section includes videos, additional information regarding your Style, and Latest Updates.
  • There are three choices listed in the Style Teams: "Stocks", "Bonds/Cash, and "ETFs".
    • Please keep in mind, the "Stocks" section will only display stocks that are recommended within your specific service(s).
    • Once you select "Stocks" there will be several options that appear: "Proceed to Stock Selection", "Large Cap", "International", "Small Cap", "Mid Cap" and "Real Estate". 

  • Once you select one of these options, you will be taken to a chart of recommended stocks from your Foolish services. 

Step 4 of 5: Stock Selection

  • In this section, you will see Stock recommendations from your Motley Fool services, broken down by category.
  • There are filters on the left-hand side so you can adjust the recommendations
  • You can click the checkboxes in the left column to add that stock to the allocation calculator.
  • Click on "Calculate my allocation" once you've selected your stocks to see the breakdown based on the stocks you've selected.



Step 5 of 5: Allocation Blueprint

  • In this step, you will be able to Calculate Your Sample Portfolio. This calculator calculates shares based on the inputs given and recent market pricing and is not personalized in any way.
    • Market prices may change or be incorrect.
    • Please check your broker for accurate and current pricing and please take a moment to review our full Terms and Conditions.
  • The first step will be to fill in the amount:

  • Next, you can adjust the percentage you want to invest in each asset class, international stocks, or real estate.
  • This can be done by adjusting the percentage amount on the right, or by dragging the orange dot along the line to increase the amount.
  • If there is a stock not recommended within your service, but you would like to add it in, you can select "Manually add companies". It will appear in the appropriate section depending on its asset class, if it's international stock, or if it's a real estate investment. 

  • When complete, you can select "Calculate Sample Portfolio" at the bottom of the screen:



  • If we select "Calculate Sample Portfolio" but the information is missing, the tool will scroll back to the top and signal for us to correct the errors. 

Please note that we have an engagement team that assists members with website navigation and login issues, and our services, but we are not financial advisors, and do not provide any personalized advice. The decision of which Style best fits your portfolio is entirely up to you.

None of the information provided shall constitute personalized financial advice. All model portfolios are for educational purposes only. User inputs for investment time horizon and risk tolerance enable users to change Styles or see the models for other Styles at any time.


Please see our Tools Terms of Service.


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