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Below are some links that will help give you a tour of the Backstage website. You'll need to log in to first so you can see where all of our information is located:

Home - The home page for Backstage features the most recent guidance, including our analysts' reports on stock selections, our latest articles in the strategy, and more.

  • Introducing the Backstage PortfolioLearn more about the Allocation and Philosophy for the Backstage Portfolio!
  • Watch Backstage PassExclusive interviews and Deep Dives into important stocks and the news of the day. Every weekday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET.
  • Explore Exclusive Backstage ContentYour home for exclusive analysis on current investing trends, deep research into our favorite businesses, and advanced investing and financial planning topics.
  • Control Your InboxMake sure you're receiving emails from Backstage so you don’t miss out!


  • Recommendations - All of the recommendations in the Backstage portfolio
  • Performance - A complete list of all active stock recommendations within the Backstage portfolio alongside the recommendation's performance.
  • My Watchlist - Follow companies and get alerts on the latest Motley Fool guidance
  • Screener - See all your Motley Fool recommendations in one place

News & Analysis

  • Backstage Pass - Exclusive interviews and Deep Dives into important stocks and the news of the day. Every weekday from 1PM to 6PM ET
  • Latest - The latest updates and top movers from your Motley Fool services
  • Motley Fool Live - An exclusive, members-only live video event. The Motley Fool Live daily schedule can always be found on so you can stay up-to-date on our programming.


  • Allocator - Explore different ways to construct a portfolio
  • Community - Talk stocks and investing with fellow Fools
  • Simulators  - See the probability that a portfolio would have made money over time
  • Allocation & Philosophy - Explore the purpose, goal, allocation and schedule for Backstage!

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