Getting Started: Everlasting: SaaS Superstars

If you are a Everlasting: SaaS Superstars member, check out the below links to get started with your service.

Once you've logged into with your username and password, the links below will give you a tour of the Everlasting: SaaS Superstars website:

Home - The location of Everlasting: SaaS Superstars' latest updates, including: Top Guidance, News and Updates, and Latest from Favorites


  • Stocks - All stocks recommended in Everlasting: SaaS Superstars thus far, with links to each initial buy recommendation article (accessible by simply clicking the name of the stock)
  • Performance - Here you will find all active Everlasting: SaaS Superstars stock recommendations, as well as the performance data of each stock
  • Stock Ranker - Allows you to explore the current convictions the Everlasting: SaaS Superstars team has in a company's ability to deliver a target return as well as past rankings
  • Backstage Portfolio - Quick link to our real-money portfolio, provided alongside our advanced, specialized investing portfolio services.

News & Analysis

  • Strategy Hub - A hub for all articles and content that explain the strategy and philosophy of the service
  • Backstage Pass - Exclusive interviews and Deep Dives into important stocks and the news of the day. Every weekday from 1PM to 6PM ET
  • Articles - All Everlasting: SaaS Superstars updates from the team, which can be viewed in either a chronological list or modified via the search categories to the right of the page


  • About - This section is an excellent place to start if you are new to Everlasting: SaaS Superstars. Here you will find information on the teamFAQ, and more.
  • Community - Our discussion boards provide Everlasting: SaaS Superstars members a place to share insights and post questions for other investors and the analysts behind the service

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