How are The Motley Fool's discussion boards organized?

The Motley Fool offers two sets of discussion boards for users with a valid account. The first set is available to all members, regardless of premium service affiliation (Fool Boards).

The Fool Boards are organized based on categories of conversations. We group all stock discussions together, alphabetically. (i.e. A discussion of the stock 'IBM' would be found in the Stocks I folder.)

We also have folders that group non-stock specific conversations. (i.e. We have a folder titled "Fool Community Help Desk," which includes discussion boards such as "Ask a Foolish Question.")

For a complete list of topic groupings, click into our main boards page.

The second set is available to members with an active premium subscription. 

For members with a premium subscription, the boards may be accessed by clicking the 'Community' tab within your premium service(s).

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