How are stocks chosen in Stock Advisor?

With Stock Advisor comes two investing teams: Team Everlasting and Team Rule Breakers. 

Stocks recommended by Team Everlasting share attractive traits like:

  • High-quality companies that have the sustained potential to keep growing and beat the overall market over extremely long periods
  • Founder-led companies
  • Companies with a strong corporate culture
  • Businesses that have built a strong enough bond with their customers that they command substantial pricing power and have identifiable proprietary advantages
  • Cash-rich, low-debt companies

Team Rule Breakers look for six signs to help them identify promising companies to invest in:

  • First-mover companies in emerging, but important industries that have become the top dogs in their niches
  • Companies with sustainable competitive advantages
  • Sizable past increases in share prices
  • Companies with good management teams
  • Businesses with strong consumer appeal that have built up brand awareness
  • Stocks that are grossly overvalued according to mainstream financial media sources

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