How do I find my Motley Fool report?

Our premium services include research reports that provide deeper dives into exciting investment opportunities. These reports are created to give members a better perspective on an industry or particular set of companies. 


Click here to check out all of the reports you have access to, or follow the instructions below:

After logging into your account, you will see a black bar running across the top of your screen. On the left-hand side, you will see 'Fool Premium' in gray (shown below):


Click 'Fool Premium' to be redirected to the Fool Premium homepage.

You will see four tabs on the right-hand side of the page: Home, Tools, Research, More.

Select the 'Research' tab. A drop-down menu will appear. From this drop-down menu, select 'Reports.'

These reports are written for brand-new members, and will always reference recommendations of which you have already been exposed to.

(Please note that the above instructions are for desktop/ laptop users.)


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