Credit Transfer Information

Some of our services provide the option to transfer your credit towards a different Motley Fool service. Depending on the terms of your purchase, you may be allowed to transfer the full or pro-rated credit from your purchase. Most services eligible for a credit transfer will allow a swap within 30 days of the initial purchase, there are services that do not allow for credit transfers of any kind.

If you are unsure whether or not your service is eligible for a credit transfer click here or email us at

All credit must be swapped at the list price of the product being transferred into, and it cannot be combined with any promotional offers or discounts. Members may utilize any available swap or refund once per service. If you take advantage of a member-fee refund guarantee or a credit-transfer guarantee into a new subscription, you will no longer be eligible to perform further action with that credit.

If you take advantage of a credit transfer guarantee, please also note that you will lose access to any product(s) and benefits included in the original promotional offer, including additional services or reports that were included as a bonus for taking advantage of the offer.

From time to time we offer report-style services, which are not renewable and require a one-time purchase. To qualify for a credit transfer into a report of this type, you must have enough credit to cover the full list price of the report.

When implementing a credit transfer, the term length of the service being transferred into cannot extend beyond three years.

If the list price of the service you would like to transfer into is more than the amount of credit you have, you will receive a partial term of the service - the usual automatic renewal notice will be emailed a month prior to the adjusted end-date.

If the amount of credit you have is higher than the list price of the service you would like to transfer into, the subscription will be extended for the appropriate time frame to match the rate.

The Motley Fool reserves the right to disallow transfer into certain services depending on insufficient credit, product openings, investment timelines, a member's history of transfers or prior refunds, or for any other reason at The Motley Fool’s sole discretion.

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