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The Motley Fool offers an array of features and services in the form of premium services and free content on Our free content does not include official recommendations, while our premium services do. While the analysts who contribute to our free content may speak highly or negatively of a stock, this does not indicate an official position by The Motley Fool. Our free content is written by Motley Fool analysts, as well as analysts who contract with The Motley Fool.

Our premium content is restricted to members who have purchased a Motley Fool subscription. You will need an active subscription to any of our premium services to access this content. To view our premium service offerings, please go to

Each of our premium services are comprised of a different set of analysts who may have differing opinions on any stock recommendation. The Motley Fool’s premium subscription services offer differing investment strategies that influence which stocks the analysts recommend. While we provide analysis of these stocks, it is up to our members to decide for themselves which recommendations fit into their portfolios.

Our analysts who contribute to our free content on are allowed to be “Motley” in their opinions and agree or disagree with the official recommendations provided in our premium services.

If you have differing opinions with our official recommendations, we would love to hear your thoughts. To relay your feedback and thoughts for our official recommendations, we have created online discussion boards for our premium members to communicate together. Our discussion boards can be found under the ‘Community’ tab of the majority of Motley Fool’s premium subscription services.

Prior to posting on our discussion boards, please review our Community Posting Guidelines.

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