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The Motley Fool’s approach to investing is a long term, buy and hold strategy. When we recommend a stock in any of our premium subscription services, we are asking that you buy and hold these stocks for a minimum of 5 years.

The market has its ups and downs, but over time, it goes back up. In the short term, anything can happen — including market corrections and even crashes. One of your holdings could fall by 20% tomorrow but if you’re holding for the long term, you can ride out the downturns. While it might seem devastating today, that drop won’t matter in 10 or 20 years. If you ride out the dips, you’ll likely benefit from the long-term wealth-building magic of the market, which is why we are long term investors at The Motley Fool.

In order to start our readers off on the right path, our investing teams have created The Motley Fool Starter Kit!

The principles set forth in this guide will give you the tools you can use to build wealth for yourself and your family, and retire in style. We will teach you what drives investing returns, how to invest with the right mindset, what to invest in, and when to sell.

TMF Starter Kit covers topics such as:

  • Compound Interest
  • The Motley Fool's investing strategy
  • Understanding Debt
  • The Steps to Investing
  • Five Starter Stocks

You can access The Motley Fool Starter Kit at any time by simply going to

In addition to The Motley Fool Starter Kit, here are some of the educational articles you have access to for free on


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