How do I reply to a discussion board post?

If you would like to reply to another member's discussion board post, click on the "Post Reply" button.

For members without an active premium subscription:


For members with an active premium subscription:



This will redirect you to a page with a copy of the post you just read, and an empty text box for you to type your response in. 

If you wish to include data in some semblance of order, then you might consider clicking on the "Table Data" check box below the text area. This will retain the spacing of things, keeping your data readable. 

When your post is complete make sure to re-read and check for grammatical and/or spelling errors.  When you are satisfied with your post, you may proceed with any of the following:

  • Preview Message:  Clicking on this button will format your post as it will appear after submission.  From here, you have three options: 'Submit Message', 'Edit Message', and 'Cancel Message'. 'Submit Message' and 'Cancel Message' work as discussed below. 'Edit Message' will take you back to the original page where your post was written - in case your preview revealed something you wish to change.
  • Cancel Message: Click this button if after reviewing your post, you wish to delete it.
  • Submit Message: Click this button if you are ready to publish your post for viewing across


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